Friday. 02.06.2023

Fake cops caught when they tried to steal 50,000 euros

The suspects asked by phone the bank codes of an elderly couple.

suspect criminal fraud calling phone

Eastern Uusimaa police are investigating a major fraud attempt in Hyvinkää that happened on Wednesday 12 February. According to police information, two suspects tried to scam two elders and rob them of 50,000 euros from their bank account.

The target of the crime was a couple born in 1933 who received a call from a fake police officer. He told the couple that their bank card had been copied at the time of a transaction and now the police needed the pin code in order to prevent another crime and catch the criminals.

The victims said their codes on the phone, but later the caller also said he wanted their bank cards. The victims started suspecting that the caller was not a real police officer and did not want to hand over their bank cards. Instead, they called the emergency center.

Fake police had asked the couple to look out the window as a fake police patrol drove past the house.

A little later, a real police patrol reached the car that passed in front of the house. The car was stopped and two people were arrested as suspects of gross fraud.

"The police or anyone else on the right side will never ask for online banking codes on the phone, social media, email or the street," says Mikko Minkkinen, the criminal commissioner for the police in Eastern Uusimaa.

Fake cops caught when they tried to steal 50,000 euros