Tuesday. 29.11.2022
Easter Holiday

Easter holiday guide for services

In the Easter holiday, the Uusimaa border is still closed and some shops change their opening hours. 

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This Easter is likely to be quieter than usual due to coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish).

In recent weeks, lots of places closed or changed their opening hours. And Easter holiday brings additional changes.


Shops can set their own opening hours. Kesko group has announced that opening hours of K-Supermarkets may be shorter than normal during the holiday.

According to S-Group while many of its supermarkets will be open on Good Friday and Easter Monday, they will have restricted working hours. Lidl says its markets will be open, but with shorter opening hours.

Alko, the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland, is closed on Good Friday, Sunday and Monday. Its outlets are open Saturday.

Public transport

Public transport will see schedule changes.

Both long-distance and commuter trains of the state railways VR were operating on Friday timetables last Thursday, and on Sunday timetables on Friday through Monday. Some further changes have been made to individual departures.

Bus companies have also posted revised timetables online.

Movement restrictions

Uusimaa is still closed off from the rest of the country. The Police said they are intensifying supervision of the regional border during the Easter period.

The Police will monitor traffic at the regional border of Uusimaa at about 40 checkpoints and via mobile surveillance. Road traffic is usually heavy during the Easter weekend but the people have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel. 

Postal service and banks

Banks are closed for the whole of the holiday weekend. Banks have informed customers of changes on their websites.

Posti has announced that all of its retail outlets are open Saturday and Sunday regardless of the holiday. 

Easter holiday guide for services