Tuesday. 06.06.2023

Do you know these people? The police need help to find them

The Helsinki Police Department is looking for a man and a woman for alleged bank fraud.

Image: Helsinki Police Department.

The Helsinki police department has published photos of a man and a woman who are under investigation. According to the information published in the website of the police, they are both suspects of fraud.

The police suspects that the woman in the pictures opened a bank account last spring under a false identity, with the help of a counterfeit identity card.

According to the information obtained by the investigators, this account would have been used to obtain quick loans from several companies for more than 10,000 euros and attempts to obtain other credits. The man in the photos is also suspected of being involved in scams, as explained the Criminal Commissioner Hannu Kortelainen in the police bulletin.

The police request the cooperation of the citizens to find the two suspects. Tips for identifying them must be sent to the police by email to: [email protected].

Do you know these people? The police need help to find them