Thursday. 28.09.2023

The bad guys never rest.

Telephone line users all over Finland this weekend received a new wave of fake SMS messages sent in the name of the Finnish postal carrier Posti, prompting users to click on a link that generates unwanted situations for them.

It is, according to the company, a phishing scam.

The message announces the arrival of a package and asks users to click on a link and enter their credentials in order to get the parcel. The link is used to steal credit card details or other keys from the phones.

Cases have been also reported in which hackers take control of the phone, which begins to send SMS to premium rate payment numbers, so users later find that they receive a large telephone bill.

Messages 'very convincing'

Posti already warned by the end of January of the existence of this scam, which the company brought to the attention of the police. According to the mail carrier, what makes these messages especially dangerous is that today they are written "in good Finnish" and seem "very convincing."

Some of the messages may even include Posti's logo.

Posti reminds that authentic notices of arrival "include the pickup location and its address, and they do not prompt the recipient to provide any additional information." When it comes to Cash on Delivery items, the notifications sent by Posti include a link to the COD payment. The COD must be paid before the item's recipient receives a locker code for the item. You can track your parcels via the OmaPosti application or on the company's website. You should only download the OmaPosti app from the official application stores, like Google Play or the App Store.

The Finnish police recommend never opening the link or provide any banking or credit card details. For those who did it, contact your bank immediately and then report the issue to the police.

Did you get this SMS in the name of Posti? Don't open it, it's a scam!