Saturday. 01.04.2023

Changes to provision of consular services at Finnish missions abroad

The approved amendment will change the locations where certain services are provided, such as residence permits
Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto. Photo: Laura Kotila/Vnk/File photo.

On Friday 27 August, the President of the Republic approved an amendment to the decree on the locations of Finland’s diplomatic missions and the provision of consular services in the Foreign Service. The amendment will enter into force at the beginning of October.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs listed the changes in a statement.

Due to the amendments, the Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands, will take responsibility for the provision of consular services to customers of the Finnish Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

The Finnish Embassy in The Hague will continue to provide such regular consular services as passport services.

Customers of the Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, will be given consular services at the Finnish Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, as before. The Embassy in Yangon will continue to provide consular services to persons in distress and offer other similar consular services, with due regard to the severity and urgency of the matter at hand.

From Washington to New York

In the United States, the provision of residence permit services will be transferred from the Finnish Embassy in Washington DC, to the Consulate General of Finland in New York.

This means that all other consular services except services related to residence permits will be available at the Embassy in Washington DC.

Changes to provision of consular services at Finnish missions abroad