Monday. 25.09.2023

The Finnish Social Security Institution (Kela) announced today imminent changes in the electronic identification method used by the customers to access its system.

According to the information published by Kela on its website, in practice the changes will mean that paper-based code lists provided by the banks will no longer be sufficient as a means of identification to connect to the Social Security network.

This change can create some problems, particularly for beneficiaries of certain social security benefits. For example, recipients of unemployment benefits must enter the system every four weeks to report their labour status. Kela encourages its customers to check with their banks what method they should apply from mid-September.

Strong identification needed

Kela explained that these changes are a result of recent amendments introduced to the Payment Services Act, which sets new requirements for the identification methods offered by the banks. 

The new legal requirements demand that, in the future, customers of Kela must log in by using a method that meets the definition of "strong identification". The aim is to guarantee the user's information and payments security, says Kela.

Changes will take effect on 14 September

The changes will take effect on 14 September 2019. Kela explained that some banks have already started to replace the banking credentials lists (codes) with other means.

Some banks may start using completely different applications or even fingerprints, while others can still allow the use of codes lists combined with other authentication methods

One of these additional security methods can be, for example, a text message (SMS) sent to the mobile phone containing a code that the customer must also enter when logging into the system.

Kela recommends anyone currently using the online banking credentials for authentication to verify with his bank which changes will be introduced. Also to contact the bank if any problems related to the new authentication methods arise. The Social Security Institution says it is the banks, and not the public officials, who must provide help in these situations.

In addition to the bank ID codes, customers of Kela can identify with a certificate card or with a mobile certificate. There are will be no changes for those other methods of identification.

Changes in identification requirements to connect to Kela online