Sunday. 14.04.2024

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) has been postponed. At present, the United Kingdom has two weeks until the country has to notify the EU of its Brexit plans. If no agreement is made, the new withdrawal date is 12 April 2019.

As the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) stressed today in its website, Finland has drafted a special act that will apply if the United Kingdom leaves the EU on 12 April. Under the act, British citizens living in Finland can stay in Finland until the end of 2020, but only if they have registered their right of residence before the final withdrawal date.

This means that it is important to make sure that you have registered your right of residence, as it will only be extended until the end of 2020 for those who have registered their stay before the withdrawal.

If you want to know how to register your right of residence, If you are not sure if you have registered already or not and you want to know how to contact the Immigration authorities, you can read more information published by Migri HERE

Brexit can happen 12 April at the earliest