Saturday. 28.01.2023

Avalanche warnings in Lapland

People from Central Finland will enjoy their winter vacation this week. Authorities listed six mountainous areas where human-triggered avalanches are probable.

A skier descending a hill in Lapland. Photo: Olli Oilinki/Visit Finland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI, in Finnish Ilmatieteen Laitos) warns that the avalanche risk in six mountain areas of Lapland is considerable at the moment.

Natural avalanches in the Ruka, Luosto-Pyhä, Ylläs-Levi, Ounas-Pallas, Saariselkä and Kilpisjärvi areas are possible and human-triggered avalanches probable.

Forecasters from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's Rovaniemi unit have issued a level three warning for avalanche risk for the next days.

These warnings came out when people from Central Finland started their winter holiday, also known as ski holiday.

Skiers are being advised not to go skiing alone, to pay close attention to weather forecasts daily, and take phones and avalanche transceivers or beacons. In case of avalanche, these devices can transmit a signal that helps rescue services or others to locate victims.

Avalanche forecast

Avalanche forecast. Image: Finnish Meteorological Institute.

According to the FMI’s snow map, a metre of snow is covering almost all Lapland and parts of the center-east of Finland.

For more information about the weather and snow depth, check the website of the FMI HERE.

Avalanches in Finland are usually predicted from early January to late April.

Avalanche warnings in Lapland