Wednesday. 17.04.2024

The city of Helsinki was hit on Wednesday by the news of the death of a 16-year-old, allegedly killed by three other boys of the same age who confronted him in a particularly "brutal" and "cruel" manner, according to a statement from the police. The victim and the suspects had gotten together to celebrate the birthday of one of them.

The tragic events occurred on Friday 4 December at night in the vicinity of the Koskela Hospital, in North Helsinki. But the crime was not revealed until Monday, the 7th, when the victim's naked body was found by a worker behind a construction site near Koskelantie. 

The police do not know the motive that caused the crime. What is clear is that the victim was subjected to prolonged violence, which was visible to the investigators who saw the state in which his body was abandoned. The Helsinki Police Department is asking for help from witnesses or bystanders who may have seen something on Friday night.

"The victim was subjected to severe and prolonged acts of violence in various parts of the body, in a particularly brutal and cruel manner," explained police inspector Marko Forss, the director of the investigation.

Drinking together

The statement issued by the Helsinki police suggests that the four boys involved in the events had been celebrating the birthday party together and all had been drinking alcohol. At the moment, the police have no information indicating that other types of drugs played a role in the case.

According to the police, the three young suspects were arrested on Monday, after the discovery of the body. They have been interrogated on a preliminary basis and during the hearings all admitted to having participated in the acts of violence. At the moment, the police have not explained to what extent each did.

The police have also not provided any specific information about them. The statement simply pointed out that the three suspects were not known to police. However, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, which cites Marko Forss as a source, says neither the victim nor the suspects are of foreign origin.

Police looking for female witness

Now, the police are looking for a woman, who apparently passed by the place where the crime occurred and yelled something to the boys at some point.

On Wednesday, the police asked this witness or those who may have knowledge of any relevant information for the investigation to contact the Helsinki Police Youth Group at the email address [email protected] or by phone through the number 029 547 1200.

The suspects will be presented for arrest on Thursday, 10 December, in the Helsinki District Court.

16-year-old boy beaten to death by three of the same age in Helsinki