Tuesday. 27.02.2024

A total of 3,357 road traffic accidents involving personal injury happened in the January to October period. In those accidents, 182 persons lost their lives and 4,225 were injured, according to preliminary data of Statistics Finland.

Those are still very high numbers of victims, although the death toll is slightly lower (3 deaths less) than in the corresponding period of 2018. The number of persons injured was 253 lower than in January-October 2018.

Of the persons who were killed, 106 travelled by passenger car, 10 by van, 3 by moped, 25 by motorcycle and 3 by lorry.

But road accidents do not only affect motor vehicle users: pedestrians killed numbered 12 and cyclists 15. In addition, eight other road users were killed.

14 persons died in October

14 persons died and 414 suffered injuries in 340 accidents registered in road traffic in October. The number of persons killed was 12 lower and that of persons injured 20 lower than in October 2018.

Of the persons who were killed, 11 travelled by passenger car and 2 by van. In addition, 1 other road user was killed.

Among those who died in October, 10 were men and 4 were women.

12 pedestrians and 15 cyclists died on Finnish roads so far this year