Thursday 10/28/21

CEO of Business Finland should take the responsibility of failure, say readers will ask a different question about Finland and Finnish lifestyle every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreignerfi.
Nina Kopola
Photo: Nina Kopola - Screen shoot from Nordic Business Forum video at YouTube

Although millions of euros of public aid have been given to millionaire companies, thousands of small and middle size companies are rejected by Business Finland.

Many entrepreneurs in Finland became angry after learning that the funding from the state financial company Business Finland has in many cases gone to the accounts of big service companies (for example consultants) with millions of euros of turnover.

Thousands of small businesses are now facing closure due to the coronavirus crisis. Therefore asked the readers in a Twitter poll, “Who should take responsibility for Business Finland's failure?”

In the poll, the respondents were given four options which were 'Prime Minister', 'Minister Economic Affairs', 'CEO of Business Finland’ and 'Nobody'.

The mini poll was answered by 52 readers and 55.8% of the readers said CEO of Business Finland should take the responsibility of the failure. 21.2% voted 'Minister Economic Affairs '; 11.5% voted 'Prime Minister' and 11.5% said 'Nobody’.

Of course, this is a mini poll but it is reflecting the public opinion and somebody should take this failure’s responsibility.

On the other hand, last week, Business Finland's CEO Nina Kopola told the economic newspaper Kauppalehti that all decisions had been made in accordance with the stated criteria. And she admitted no criticism at all.

“I don’t mind the need for such an internal audit, but I don’t feel we had any shortcomings. We have not divided the money right and left. We have a clear process, and each application has one rapporteur and one decision-maker," Kopola said.

Kopola also claimed that Business Finland audits its own decisions regularly and no errors have been detected.

CEO of Business Finland should take the responsibility of failure, say