Saturday 10/16/21

Letters to the editor

Winter in Finland, again...

By Luis Herrera, 12/9/20
Many years back, I arrived in Helsinki's international airport in the middle of December. The shock was quite powerful. Along the previous 24 hours, I had moved from a torrid plus 30 (in the planet's Southern Hemisphere) to a freezing minus 20 degrees (in this country, that was to become my future home). Admittedly, absurdly low temperatures —...

Equal Crossings

By Geoffrey Noterman, 11/22/20
Why do towns in Finland have this anomaly whereby a meeting of two roads.. a crossing is deemed equal and you yield to any traffic comming from the right, even though you are driving along the main thoroughfare. At each crossing you need to check "I have no triangle but has the road on the right got a triangle" just in case. Is it to save money on...


By Stephen Lowe, 4/26/20
Excellent article! Having read about the success of large powerful companies succeed in getting Business Finland Grants, Do Entrepreneur-Start-up of High Technology concept supported by Aalto University, do we need to seek cooperation of Consultants to apply for Ely-Keskus Grants? Like Donald Trump did, Prime Minister Sanna Marin can...


By Martha, 12/3/19
Hola, buenas noches, me llamo Martha, soy boliviana, tengo 33 años y tengo una hija y quería saber saber más acerca del programa de tener hijos en el país. Gracias))) :)

Información por favor

By Anayeli, 11/19/19
Hola,yo soy Anayeli y soy mujer de 34 años de edad y Mexicana. Me gustaría tener más información de cómo o con quién aplicar para ir a Finlandia, conocer un buen hombre y poder hacer una familia. Ojalá puedan ayudarme. Gracias. Saludos!

Amazed with the news and articles I read

By Anne, 5/4/19
I was amazed by the articles and news that you publish in this online newspaper. Now I have time to read news in English version. This brings foreigners in Finland to be aware of what happens in the society. Thumbs up... Thank you. Anne

Keep up this good work!!

By Karim Azar, 1/22/19
I have been quite recently introduced to your website. I am really quite impressed with your news coverage as well as your attempt to help foreigners to easily learn the Finnish language. Keep up this good work!! Kind regards Karim E.Azar

Why do we have to pay so much money to bring our family cars to Finland?

By Pedro Gracia, 12/1/18
I am a Spanish national married to a Finnish woman. One year ago we decided to move to Finland permanently. And some time after we brought our family car, which was almost one and a half years old. Our surprise came when, at the time of legalising the vehicle before the Finnish traffic authorities, we received an invoice of almost 1,900 euros in...

Give us more opportunities to be part of this society

By Marisa Leppänen, 11/29/18
I came to Finland three years ago from Thailand. My husband is Finnish and we got married in Thailand. For me it was a very long and difficult process to come to live to my husband's home country. When I finally got the visa and the residence permit, it was only for one year. After a year I had to apply it again. Even being married with a Finnish man,...