Sunday. 24.09.2023

(((IMPORTANT NOTICE: On January 24, 2022, the Government of the Community of Madrid announced a reduction from 10 to 5 years in the mandatory period of previous residence in the region required to be eligible for these benefits)))

The regional government of Madrid has approved a new measure to promote the birth rate, which has received praise from some and criticism from others.

The Governing Council of the autonomous community approved on Thursday, in an extraordinary meeting, the opening of the period from January 1 for women from Madrid to apply for the newly created grants for mothers under 30 years of age

It is precisely this requirement, being under 30 years of age, one of the most criticized by opposition groups, who argue that this social benefit has been designed to be awarded to the smallest possible number of women and to exclude a large number of them.

The allowances may reach a total amount of 14,500 euros, to be received in monthly bonuses of 500 euros from the 21st week of gestation and until the child reaches two years of age. The benefit will be increased by the same amount for each additional child, and is granted to those born from the first day of 2022.

It may also be requested in the case of adoption, regardless of the age of the minor, during the 24 months after its registration in the Civil Registry.


The main cause of controversy are the strict requirements that complicate the obtaining of the benefit.

In order to apply for this benefit, in addition to being younger than 30 years, mothers must have been registered as residents in the Madrid region for at least the last ten years and without interruption. And the beneficiary may not exceed 30,000 euros per year of income in individual taxation or 36,200 in joint taxation for the entire family unit.

The opposition groups argue that very few women will be able to meet all the requested requirements. For her part, the head of the Department of Family, Youth and Social Policy, Concepcion Dancausa, estimates that in the first year some 3,000 mothers will be able to benefit from this aid.

Applications may be submitted electronically through the official website of the Community of Madrid or in any of the official registers of the regional government.

Pregnant women under 30 can request grants of €500 per month in Madrid