Wednesday. 04.10.2023

The president of the autonomous region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced on Monday the Strategy for the protection of maternity and paternity and the promotion of birth rates and conciliation 2022-2026.

This program includes tax benefits and facilitates access to assisted reproduction, in addition to a series of measures aimed at promoting the reconciliation of work and family life.

The regional government's strategy includes a fundamental change in the direct allowance of 14,500 euros for mothers under 30 with incomes below 30,000 euros, launched in January, for which a thousand applications have already been received: Diaz Ayuso aims to reduce from ten to five years the current requirement of prior registration in the Madrid region, which is one of the main requirements to qualify for it.

The allowance may reach a total amount of 14,500 euros, to be received in monthly bonuses of 500 euros from the 21st week of gestation and until the child reaches two years of age. The benefit will be increased by the same amount for each additional child, and is granted to those born from the first day of 2022.

The intention of the regional government headed by Diaz Ayuso is not only to help the resident mothers, but also to attract and "settle the population in the Community."

Tax incentives

In parallel, the regional government intends to launch "very ambitious" tax incentives for families, such as a deduction of up to 2,100 euros in income tax for birth or adoption for three years and another of up to 100% of the regional income tax quota during the first years for special numerous families and 50% for the general category.

The government will also launch its Network Fertility Plan (Plan Fertilidad en Red), with which the age limit to qualify for assisted reproduction treatments (IVF) will be raised up to 45 years. Access will also be allowed to women who already have a child and the number of attempts will be increased from three to four.

Madrid cuts residence requirement for monthly maternity aid to 5 years