Monday. 27.05.2024

The Spanish Social Security Institution announced an increase in the amount of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV, in its Spanish acronym) this year 2022.

According to the table made public by Social Security, the income that IMV beneficiaries can expect for this year can range between 5,899.6 and 12,979.12 euros, depending on their family circumstances.

The Minimum Vital Income is a non-contributory Social Security benefit for those who do not reach what is considered a minimum income.

In 2022, the amount of minimum pensions, non-contributory pensions and the IMV have risen by 3%, as established by the State budget law.

That is 0.5% more than the increase in contributory pensions (2.5%), which are linked to annual inflation.

The new amounts

The amounts of the Minimum Vital Income for the different types of families in 2022 have been established by the Spanish government as detailed below:

  • An adult: 5,899.60 €
  • An adult and a minor: 8,967.39 €
  • One adult and two minors: 10,737.27 €
  • One adult and three or more minors: 12,507.15 €
  • Two adults: 7,669.48 €
  • Two adults and one minor: 9,439.36 €
  • Two adults and two minors: 11,209.24 €
  • Two adults and three or more minors: 12,979.12 €
  • Three adults: 9,439.36 €
  • Three adults and one minor: 11,209.24 €
  • Three adults and two or more children: 12,979.12 €
  • Four adults: 11,209.24 €
  • Four adults and one child: 12,979.12 €
  • Others: 12,979.12 €

How much is the Spanish Minimum Vital Income (IMV) in 2022?