Thursday. 23.05.2024

Do you feel that the Netflix algorithm always offers you the same movies or series?

On Netflix, the world's leading streaming platform, you can find movies and series directly from the home page or by browsing different categories.

Different categories allow you to consider whether you would like to watch documentaries, horror series, action movies, or maybe something romantic after all.

But did you know that there are far more genres and content than what Netflix Basic View shows?

In fact, the Netflix library displays only a small portion of all available genres and categories. There exist what have been called 'secret codes' through which you can find all genres of Netflix movies and TV series.

Where can you find these 'secret codes'?

The number codes have been listed by several unofficial parties. The website Ogres Crypt has put together a shorter and more comprehensive list. The Finder site, on the other hand, has a search service that allows you to search for different codes by genre, more detailed description, and release decade.

What’s On Netflix also has a search function for the top 200 categories.

The complete list of codes corresponding to the different categories can also be found in this list. You can safely download the list in PDF format if you want.

The best thing about number codes is that you can find exactly the content you want through them. For example:

  • Code 9875 - Criminal documents
  • 6384 - Tear jerkers.
  • 3903 - Situation comedy series.
  • 4961 - Drama films based on books.
  • 9292 - Scandinavian films.
  • 65263 - LGBTQ + TV series.
  • 5685 - Korean movies.

Need something even more specific? For example, try these:

  • 694 - Emotional teen movies.
  • 1473 - Psychological, book-based films.
  • 75405 - Zombie horror movies.
  • 75435 - Time travel television series.

How to use the 'secret codes'?

Hidden genre listings can be accessed by typing in the address bar of your browser, followed by the number code you want.

If you use Netflix through a phone application, smart TV or game console, the codes cannot be used directly. In that case, you should first search for the desired content in the browser. You can then add it to your watch list or search for a movie or series you find on Netflix's own search.

Where to find and how to use the Netflix 'secret codes'