Thursday. 09.02.2023

Science confirmed: sex is better with socks on

Wearing socks, in addition to warming the feet, helps to dilate the blood vessels, which improves the overall blood flow

woman sock

Some people will find it uncomfortable, others will say it is unglamorous. There will be even those who consider it an aesthetic aberration, but the truth is that to have the best orgasms there are few things that help as much as having socks on.

One reason for that can be found in the way seasonal changes affect the libido.

A survey conducted among young women by the pharmaceutical company Bayer back in 2016 already shown that the winter is the least favourable season to have sexual relations.

This is particularly true in the case of women, whose carnal appetite can fall down very fast when mercury sinks in thermometers. And the reasons have to be found once more in the hormonal changes derived from the lack of sunlight.

The study concluded that only 33% of the interviewed prefer the winter to engage in sexual relations. However, this percentage raises up to 48% in the spring time and to 54% during the summer, which is the favourite season for most of them when it comes to unleash their intimate instincts and desires.

Bayer’s conclusions were supported by the testimonies of the Spanish psychologist and sexologist Nayara Malnero: "The sun and the high temperatures make us more active in all senses, while winter is a time of calm, also in erotic terms”, she explained.

Warmth facilitates climax

The reality is that you cannot fight against winter, even less in a country like Finland. However, there are some things that can be done to decrease the feeling of cold and keep the flame of desire alive. And one of them is to use clothes that warm you up and help to relax your body, also during sexual intercourses.

In that sense, another study made a few years earlier by the University of Groningen concluded that wearing socks during intimate relations increases the possibility of reaching orgasms.

With the collaboration of real couples, those Dutch experts were able to carry out a broader study about the quality of orgasm. And one of their most striking conclusions was the importance of having warm feet: when the sexual partners wore their socks, the probability of reaching the climax soared to 80%, while without them it was only 50%.

Dilate blood vessels

The explanation for this is simple: wearing socks, in addition to warming the feet, helps to dilate the blood vessels, which improves the overall blood flow. And that feeling of warmth and well-being facilitates the orgasm, besides improving the quality of sleep.

Researchers have discovered a substantial difference in the way men and women experience pleasure. While males base their experiences on physical stimulation, for women is much more important the feeling of safety and comfort, both external and internal, in order to reach the climax.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your relationships with your couple, a good pair of thick socks can be your best ally. 

Science confirmed: sex is better with socks on