Tuesday. 25.06.2024

It is finally summer but considering that most preferred travel destinations are currently forbidden, or otherwise not recommended, Finns and foreigners alike have to vacation within Finnish borders for the time being. 

But the usual summer activities are not interrupted by just the Coronavirus pandemic, as the weather decided Finland had had enough of hot days and temperatures fell, with heavy rains and strong winds resurfacing. Not only that, but this weather is predicted to continue for the next couple of weeks, at least.

Which means that many activities, especially outdoors, are postponed until sunnier days come back. Of course, going to a bar or restaurant is now allowed again and there are sport activities one can do indoors again as well. There are also many good books and video games recently released or coming out soon. But what if one has read all the books, has played all the games and is not inclined to do sports or go to a bar?

Well, that is where streaming services like Netflix come in and what binge-worthy shows are for. But with so many offers, it can get time-consuming, annoying and frustrating to choose something in particular and with English subtitles. So, to help with that, we at Foreigner.fi decided to select seven shows -from novelties to classics- that are sure to keep one entertained during these summer holidays.

1- 365 Days

Video: Kino Helios Polska.

Yes, this is the movie everyone talks about these days. If series and mini series is just too long for now, then you can try with this drama that surely will make Finland's low summer temperatures raise. This time a hit movie that Netflix has recently released and has been causing quite a stir.

Based on the Polish novel '365 DNI', by author Blanka Lipiński, this erotic Polish drama has been a hit on this platform, despite the 0% Rotten Tomatoes score. It was one of the top choices in the week of its release in Finland and other countries where it was shown. The premise? A dominant Sicilian Mafia boss, Massimo Torricelli, kidnaps a tough executive, Laura Biel, while she is on a vacation in Sicily with her boyfriend. He then gives her 365 days to fall in love with him, promising a life of endless luxury.

2- Floor Is Lava - lighthearted fun for all the family 

On a more lighter note and for those interested in game shows, this is a family fun series  based on a children’s game with the same name, where groups of 3 people at a time, either friends or family, enter a very physical contest where they have to go through an obstacle course in a room filled with over 300 000 litres of bright red water in order to win 10 000 US dollars (around 8,900 euros) and a lava lamp.

So far there is only one season but it will hopefully be renewed.

3- Unsolved Mysteries - an entertaining and interesting show

This documentary-style crime series was originally created in the late 80’s and after being shown on several different TV channels throughout the years, it has now been revived by Netflix.

This show is about real-life cold cases and paranormal phenomena mysteries. From missing persons to unsolved murder cases to alien abduction and ghosts to conspiracy theories there are episodes for all true crime buffs tastes.

The cases are dramatized and reenacted but there are also interviews with victims or victim’s families and police officials in mony episodes.

4- When They See Us - a gripping true story mini series

Created by Ava DuVernay and premiered on May 31st 2019, this four-part crime drama series tells the true story of five black and latino teenagers who were wrongfully accused and convicted for gang-raping and nearly murdering of a white woman Trisha Meili, in 1989 in New York City’s Central Park.

The group would become known as “The Central Park Five”, and this mini series tells their journey from being framed to being exonerated and everything they had to go through in between.

5- Peaky Blinders - a masterful British series

On its fifth season, this is a show that keeps getting better as it progresses, with the next episode better than the last and the following season better than the one before.

This is the story of the Shelby crime family set in early 20th century Birmingham, England, right after World War I. With Cillian Murphy as the infamous head of the family, Tommy Shelby, this is an intriguing crime drama that has been loosely based on real historical events and people.

6- Vikings - an exciting show about a bygone era

Currently on its sixth season, this History Chanel stamped production, tells the saga of viking legend Ragnar Lothbrok and his family as he goes from farmer to warrior to King.

This is captivating series that shows viking traditions and myths  and was inspired by tales told by early medieval Scandinavia Norseman. With Travis Fimmel, Gustaf Skarsgård, Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig in the main roles, this is a show that will appeal to all history buffs and viking culture fans especially.

7- Sons of Anarchy - a gut-punching show about crime, family, racism and corruption

This is not a recent show as it ended in 2014 but for those who have not watched it, we seriously advise you too.

The story is about the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club, set in the fictional town of Charming, California. The series focuses on Jackson 'Jax' Taylor, his close-knit circle and his journey inside the gang as he goes from vice president to president of the SAMCRO motorcycle club, after discovering his late father’s, and former SAMCRO president, manifesto.

7 new and classic Netflix shows for this unusual summer