Thursday. 28.09.2023

Netflix is eyeing to apply an additional charge, which will be added to the regular cost of the subscription to the platform, for those accounts shared by people who do not live in the same household.

The American streaming and entertainment giant has announced a test by which it applies surcharges to accounts shared by people who do not live together and who use a common profile from different locations, according to a report by the Spanish agency Europa Press. 

The company says that this sharing affects its earning capacity and thus also its "ability to invest in new TV shows and movies."

Netflix announced in a statement that its staff is currently working on new modalities of its Standard and Premium plans (which can be used by up to four people) so that "members who share their accounts outside their home can do so easily and safely."

These formats, which are going to be tested first in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, will have an additional subscription fee for those members who do not live at the same address.

Cheaper than basic plan

In the future, Netflix plan holders will be able to create subaccounts for up to two non-household members. Each one could have their own profile, username and password, and receive personalized recommendations. Subscribers will have to pay an extra amount for each one of them, which will be less than the price of the basic plan.

Netflix has already announce the price of these additional fees in the three Latin American countries: 2,380 pesos in Chile (about 2.70 euros), 2.99 dollars in Costa Rica (2.70 euros) and 7.9 soles in Peru (1 .90 euros).

At the moment, Netflix has not announced the dates to start implementing these additional fees in other countries. Therefore, at the moment it is not known when they will come into force in Spain.

Netflix to raise price of accounts shared by non-cohabiting people