Thursday. 30.11.2023

Every year the same articles. The same goofy movies recommended by someone who whether hates cinema or hates love. The articles are as much original as the presents that most of us give to our partners on this date. Zero. I have never understood why 'romantic movie' for so many people means "crappy movie that I would never watch if it was not because I watch it with my partner and I want to give the impression I am romantic".

Next, five movies you can watch with your beloved without thinking all the time when the damn film ends. Actually, the movies are so good that you can watch them alone. Who says that in Saint Valentine only people with partners can enjoy?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Joel receives a terrible blow when he discovers that his girlfriend Clementine has erased all her memories of their relationship. Angry and desperate, he decides as a revenge to erase her from his memory. But when Joel starts the process, he realizes how much he has loved Clementine and that he does not want most beautiful moments he shared with his former girlfriend to disappear from his memory, so from the depths of his brain, he will try to stop the process.

The film won Best Original Screenplay Oscar for the script of Charlie Kaufman, who had already been nominated for an Academy award for his masterpieces 'Being John Malkovich' (1999) and 'Adaptation' (2002). Besides, Kate Winslet had a second nomination for best actress.

Her (2013)

The Oscar winner for best actor of this year, Joaquin Phoenix, has been many years offering acting masterclasses in every of his movies. After 'Joker', probably his best work was as Theodore in 'Her'. A lonely man about to divorce who works in a company as a letter writer and buys a new operating system based on the Artificial Intelligence model, designed to meet all user needs. Slowly but surely, he starts a romantic relationship with the operating system.

Spike Jonze achieved with 'Her' his best, most hurtful and lucid work, a portrait that looks futuristic but could not be more contemporary. A continuation of his study of human relationships started with 'Where the Wild Things Are' (2009). The movie directed by Spike Jonze received five nominations, including Best Picture, and won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

Let the Right One In (2008)

Can a movie be romantic, tragic, beautiful and scary at the same time? It is not a rhetorical question, the answer is 'Let the Right One In'. This Swedish movie tells the story of Oskar, a shy twelve-year-old boy who is bullied at school by his classmates. One day he meets Eli, a mysterious neighbor of his age, whose arrival in the neighborhood coincides with a series of unexplained deaths. Although Oskar suspects that Eli is a vampire, he tries to put his friendship above his fear.

Friendship, love, social maladjustment and conflicts with parents are just some of the issues that intelligently and effectively this realization address. It never uses effectism, simplicity or cliche. It only takes the mythical figure of the vampire to recreate one of the best and most powerful stories of love and adolescent understanding of the last time. A mature anthem, starring two kids with a lot of talent.

Mr. Nobody (2009)

In the year 2092, Nemo Nobody, who is 120 years old, is the last mortal human being on Earth and lives surrounded by men who have achieved immortality thanks to incredible scientific advances. When Nemo is on his deathbed, he remembers several possible existences and marriages that he did not live. Then he will try to discover which of his memories are real and which are not, and if the life he has actually led is that which he should have chosen.

It sounds a bit peculiar, does it? This is because this Belgian movie, starring Jared Leto, has great aspirations, talks about the importance of small things and plays with time and alternative realities to explore the eternal question that all we have wondered sometimes: "What would have happened if I had taken another option?" What would my life be like? 

Mulholland Drive (2001)

Betty Elms, a young aspiring actress, arrives to Los Angeles to become a movie star and stays in the apartment of her aunt. There she meets the enigmatic Rita, a woman with amnesia due to an accident suffered on Mulholland Drive. Both women will start investigating who Rita is and how she got there.

As fascinating as confusing, usual among the movies of the director David Lynch. Definitely not for everyone. If you look for logic, watch another movie. The enthralling images of 'Mulholland Drive' raise many questions, but provide few answers. It is possible (very much) that you do not understand the movie, even if you like it. No worries, it is not because of you. Lynch himself confessed that he did not know the meaning of the disconcerting outcome of this film.. 

Five romantic movies to not hate Valentine's Day