Monday. 17.06.2024

The race for coronavirus vaccines takes on a new nature. It is no longer a matter of testing only who can produce it the fastest, but which is the most effective.

US pharmaceutical firm Moderna said on Monday that early analysis suggests its Covid-19 vaccine is 94.5% effective.

The result from the large-scale clinical trial is in the same league as drug-makers Pfizer and BioNTech, which announced last week their jointly developed vaccine was 90% effective in preventing Covid-19.

The announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech made shortly after Russia - the first country to register a vaccine - to announce that their Sputnik V vaccine had an effectiveness of more than 90%.

Moderna said last month it was confident it could receive emergency approval for its vaccine from US authorities in December.

The European Commission is already negotiating with Moderna to supply up to 160 million vaccine doses.

US firm Moderna says coronavirus vaccine 94.5% effective