Friday. 01.12.2023

Travelers arriving in Spain from elsewhere in the EU or the Schengen Area will no longer be required to present proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, recent recovery or a negative test result, it emerged on Thursday.

For travelers arriving from outside the EU or Schengen Area however, the requirements are to remain in place.

The Health Ministry in Madrid cited the "improvement to the epidemiological situation" in Spain and other European countries, as well as the country's high vaccination rate, as justification for its decision to relax the rules.

The seven-day incidence of new infections in people over 60 years of age was given by the ministry as 282.

Younger people have not had to be tested or quarantined for coronavirus for quite some time and the situation in hospitals has eased.

Masks wearing remains obligatory in Spain only on public transport and in senior care homes and health care facilities.

EU travelers to Spain no longer required to prove Covid-19 status