Thursday. 30.11.2023

THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare) held a press conference to update the coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finland) situation in the world and in Finland.

THL President and CEO Markku Tervahauta said that the spread of the disease in Europe has accelerated and the situation is expected to turn into an epidemic in Finland in the near future.

The THL event also provided advice on how citizens should act when the disease spreads.

According to Tervahaud, the increase in casualty rates is normal with the epidemic. The infection increase rate in Finland is behind the other Nordic countries. 

“So far, other seasonal influenza infections have remained low,” said Tervahaud. 

Mika Salminen, director of THL, said Finland is still tracked the infections. However, Salminen considers it likely will change during the weekend and no longer they will track the infections.

“Tracing of the infection chain will continue as long as possible. It is also possible that tracing will continue in the local base,” said Salminen.

Restrict social contacts

Salminen also said, “If social contacts were not restricted, the disease would spread more rapidly. The instruction that you should not go to work or school when you are ill. Also, sick children should not go to daycare.”

Covid19 is dangerous especially for the elderly and for the sick people. Salminen pointed out that people who have underlying diseases are in the risk group.

Mika Salminen emphasizes that you should not seek medical help immediately after the first symptoms of coronavirus you observed yourself.

So far, Salminen is not aware of any infections requiring intensive care.

THL President Markku Tervahauta hopes that people will voluntarily obey the restrictions. “Forced restrictions would make life more difficult” he said.

THL: coronavirus situation will be epidemic in a short time