Wednesday. 29.11.2023

People in Sweden were on Thursday advised to continue to work remotely after the summer holiday period ends, despite some progress in efforts to tackle Covid-19.

"We will continue to recommend working from home during the autumn, if possible. But those who have to go to work can do so," said Anders Tegnell, epidemiologist with the Public Health Agency.

Employers' should meanwhile also consider that working remotely for extended periods can pose a psychological strain, he said.

Tegnell also underlined the need for physical distancing, including when using public transport.

Both Tegnell and Lena Hallengren, minister for health and social affairs, said it was not clear how the coronavirus pandemic would evolve.

Hallengren said that several trends were "positive" for Sweden and she lauded people for heeding advice on social distancing and other recommendations.

The number of cases in intensive care has dropped, as have daily death rates.

Refrain from travel

Sweden has adopted less stringent measures to contain the virus than elsewhere.

People have been urged to refrain from travel, to maintain social distancing and to stay home if they are elderly or have minor symptoms. Public gatherings are limited to 50 people.

The Public Health Agency had on Thursday recorded 5,739 coronavirus-related deaths and about 80,100 infections.

Thomas Linden of the National Board of Health and Welfare told reporters that 40 people were in intensive care. "We are starting to come down to much lower numbers than we have been used to," he said.

Swedish health agency recommends working remotely when possible