Wednesday 9/22/21

Swedish expert warns: Covid-19 storm is in Stockholm

Estonia reported its first coronavirus death on Wednesday. Moscow will close all the cafes, shops and parks and has imposed a quarantine for those over 65.

In Sweden, the situation related to the coronavirus epidemic is worsening. On Thursday, more deaths were reported in the capital city.

So far, 66 infected patients have died in Sweden since the Covid-19 epidemic started. Of them, 43 people died in central Stockholm, according to he latest official figures released by the public health authorities.

According to those figures, there are now 2,806 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed in Sweden and 178 patients have been treated in intensive care.

On Wednesday, authorities reported 18 deaths in Stockholm in the last 24 hours. "The situation is dramatic right now," said Björn Eriksson, Director of Health and Nursing in the Stockholm area.

Eriksson said he is ready to raise Stockholm's alert level to the highest if needed. It is currently at the second-highest level. "The storm is here," he added.

“If the situation gets worse, I'm ready to raise it on high, the disaster level. We hope for the best, but we also have to plan for the worst," said Eriksson.

Shortage of healthcare staff

According to SVT, there is a shortage of healthcare staff in Stockholm. For example, recently retired people are asked to return to work and part-time workers' working hours have increased.

Among those infected, the highest proportion is among those aged 50-59, although infections among the elderly are on the rise.

Moscow closes cafes and shops

Meanwhile, in Russia, the authorities in Moscow will close cafes, shops and parks starting on Saturday.

Moscow's measures against the spread of the coronavirus were told by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Sobjanin has already ordered people over 65 to stay indoors since Thursday. However, quarantine has not yet been discussed.

"Muscovites over-65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, chronic kidney disease, or cancer, as well as those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke are required to comply with the home regime. If you are working, please do not go to work," Sobyanin said in a statement.

In total, there are 840 people infected across Russia.

The first corona related death in Estonia

Estonia also recorded on Wednesday the first death due to coronavirus.

According to the journal Postimees, the patient who died was 83 years old.

A total of 404 coronavirus infections have been detected in Estonia and 28 patients are in hospital, seven of them in intensive care and five in critical condition