Tuesday. 26.09.2023

Although Sweden went a separate way during the coronavirus pandemic compared to many countries that used stricter measures to fight the virus, some the restrictions that Sweden did introduce are now being relaxed.

Since Tuesday, among other things, more than eight people are again allowed to gather together in the same place.

In indoor areas with fixed seating, such as cinemas, 50 people are now allowed to be present, while at outdoor events such as football matches in a stadium up to 500 people can now attend, and 150 participants are allowed at runs and other outdoor sporting competitions.

In addition, restaurants are now allowed to stay open two hours longer than before, until 10:30 pm. However, only a maximum of four people are allowed to sit at the same table.

These are the first steps of a five-step plan with which the Swedish government wants to scale back the coronavirus measures over the summer.

The Swedish incidence figures are still quite high compared to most of Europe. But the infection situation is developing in the right direction, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said last week.

If things continue well, the next relaxation will take place on July 1.

Sweden initiates gradual relaxation of coronavirus measures