Saturday. 23.09.2023

The first cases of a strain of a more transmissible variant of the coronavirus first discovered in Brazil have been detected in Sweden, regional authorities said on Saturday.

A four-strong cluster of people were on Friday found to have the Brazilian variant, said the Gavleborg Regional Council, north of Stockholm.

The four were doing well and none of them needed medical attention, the authority added.

None of the four have been to Brazil, and health authorities were trying to trace their contacts. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) said this week that the Brazilian variant has been found in 21 countries.

Sweden recently required foreign travellers to present a negative coronavirus test no older than 48 hours in order to enter the country.


Swedish nationals or those with residency status in Sweden were advised to be tested before their arrival - or to be tested the same day they arrived. They should self-isolate for seven days and take a second test during that period, according to the government's advice.

Members of the same household were advised to self-isolate as well, pending the test results.

Sweden has earlier recorded cases of strains first discovered in Britain and South Africa, respectively.

Sweden detects first Brazilian variant cases