Friday. 01.12.2023

There are only 2 weeks left until April 20, the date chosen by the Spanish Ministry of Health to withdraw the mandatory use of face masks indoors, which in Spain has been in force for almost the entire pandemic.

Minister of Health Carolina Darias proposed this date to the governments of the Spanish regions during the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council -which coordinates the Spanish anti-Covid strategy- held in Toledo.

If her proposal is accepted by the regional authorities, then the lifting of the mandatory use of the face shield will be approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the central government scheduled for Tuesday 19 April, just after the Easter holidays.

The decision would come into force the following day, 20 April, when it is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

However, the government is still evaluating maintaining the use of masks beyond 20 April in public transport, health centers and nursing homes, according to a draft prepared by the health experts. But in shops, stores, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and schools would no longer be mandatory this protection measure.

During the next two weeks, the Ministry of Health will decide on the final details of the new rules and it is possible that some more exceptions to the removal of the mask will be introduced, for example in some workplaces.

Spain Travel Health form

Several regional governments had been pressuring the central government for some time to lift the mandatory use of face masks. The regions of Madrid and Catalonia were the ones that requested it the most. Other regions such as Andalusia and Extremadura believe that it is still too soon.

The lifting of the mandatory mask use, the obligation to show a Covid vaccination passport and to comply with certain formalities to enter Spain are the last decisions that remain to be made by the government to return to normality after the coronavirus pandemic.

Little by little, there is progress: on Wednesday 6 April, a government provision came into force to lift the obligation to fill out the Spain Travel Health form (SPTH) for travelers who have an EU vaccination certificate or equivalent that proofs a full course of vaccination.

The obligation to fill out the report and show the QR code at the border remains in force for the rest of the visitors.

Since last week, people who test positive for coronavirus with mild symptoms no longer have to isolate or quarantine.

Spain to lift indoor mask mandate after the Easter holidays