Tuesday. 05.12.2023

Spain marked a record number of daily coronavirus infections on Tuesday, with almost 50,000 new cases.

The seven-day incidence also jumped to 424 compared to 377 the previous day and 94 coronavirus deaths were recorded, the Health Ministry in Madrid said.

The new Omicron variant already accounts for 80 per cent of all new infections in Madrid, the daily newspaper El Pais reported.

The new record of 49,823 daily cases overtook the previous daily high of 44,357 in January.

The big difference now compared to almost a year ago is that more than 80 per cent of people in Spain have received a full course of vaccination.

Most of those infected now show no symptoms or only mild symptoms of Covid-19.

The number of coronavirus patients being treated in intensive care units was given as 1,472, an increase of 30 compared to the day before.


Most of the Spanish autonomous regions and the central government are reluctant to significantly tighten coronavirus measures.

Only Catalonia has said it is going to shut down nightlife, impose some night-time curfews and occupancy limits for restaurants and leisure facilities as well as limiting the number people allowed to meet up in private.

However, this has yet to be confirmed by the judiciary.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez plans to hold a video conference with regional leaders on Wednesday afternoon to discuss measures to contain the pandemic.

Spain marks record daily Covid-19 cases of almost 50,000