Sunday. 14.04.2024

On Tuesday a new cargo of protective masks arrived in Finland from China. 

According to Janne Känkänen, the interim CEO of the Security of Supply Center (Huoltovarmuuskeskus, in Finnish), their quality was good.

“Today a group of protective masks came, they were tested in VTT's laboratory and approved. They meet the standards required for hospital use. These are therefore delivered to hospitals according to a need assessment. This was a shared transport with HUS Logistics and the IGC, and I am happy to say that there was exactly the kind of stuff that had been found,” said Känkänen.

On 4-5 April 2 million protective surgical masks and 230,000 respirators brought to Finland by plane from China and they did not meet the quality requirements of the hospitals to fight against the Covid-19.

Last Friday, Tomi Lounema, the CEO of the Center for Security of Supply was forced to resign after admitting he had spent 10 millions of euros on protective equipment that was not up to scratch for hospital use.

Security of Supply Center: new masks are suitable for hospital use