Monday. 04.03.2024

Portugal has followed Spain's example and reduced the coronavirus quarantine period from 10 to seven days, the Portuguese health authority DGS announced on Thursday.

The reduction applies to asymptomatic cases as well as to anyone with a suspected but unconfirmed infection.

The move follows a global trend: On Monday the United States reduced the recommended isolation period from 10 to five days. Before that, Britain lowered its quarantine time from 10 to seven days. A similar move is also under discussion in Germany and Italy.

The shortening of the prescribed isolation period in Spain also applies to Covid cases with mild symptoms, broadcaster RTVE reported on Thursday, citing the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday the ministry announced that the reduction applied to asymptomatic cases as well as to unvaccinated people with an unconfirmed infection.

Vaccinated people

Vaccinated people who have had contact with an infected person are currently not required to quarantine in Spain, where the number of new cases continues to increase rapidly, despite a vaccination rate of around 80 per cent.

Spain's seven-day incidence was a record 915 on Thursday, up from a year-low of around 18 in mid-October. With 101,760 new infections reported within 24 hours, the 100,000 mark was exceeded for the first time since the pandemic began.

According to authorities in both Spain and Portugal, hospitals are coping with the rise in cases for the most part, although some medical care has been impacted.

Portugal joins Spain in reducing coronavirus quarantine period