Tuesday 10/26/21

Covid-19: Foreigner.fi readers fear more for health than for the economy

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woman sick patient cup

More and more people are affected by coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) everyday, and Finnish government takes measures against the disease.

However, these measures still do not stop the virus. Therefore, Foreigner.fi asked the readers in a Twitter poll, " What do you fear the most from the coronavirus epidemic?"

In the poll, the respondents were given four options which were 'The damage to health', 'The damage to the economy', 'Lack of supplies’ and 'Not being able to travel'.

The mini poll was answered by 69 readers and 54% of the readers’ biggest fear from Covid-19 is ‘The damage to health’. 32% voted ' The damage to the economy '; 9% voted ' Lack of supplies ' and 5% said ' Not being able to travel’.

Of course, everybody’s fear is not the same. Also, one reader's answer was, “Liverpool not winning the Premier League”.

Foreigner.fi is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreigner.fi