Thursday. 25.04.2024

People in Norway will have to wait a little longer for coronavirus measures to be eased as the government in Oslo takes extra precautions in light of the highly contagious Delta variant.

The fourth stage of the government's opening plan - which would see the lifting of restrictions on the number of guests allowed in one's home, for example - will be postponed at least two weeks, said Health Minister Bent Hoie on Wednesday, citing the advice of health experts.

However, some changes will be made to the current stage of relaxations from Monday, according to government information.

Changes include allowing children and adults to participate in sports and culture events outside their own regions and counties, among others.

The decision on whether to enter the fourth stage will be reassessed in mid-August, Hoie said.

The minister justified his decision by saying opening now would increase the risk that students would not be able to return after the holidays to a relatively normal school day.

Norway postpones planned easing of restrictions due to Delta concerns