Sunday. 02.10.2022

New possible case of coronavirus in Lapland

A Chinese traveler is isolated at the Rovaniemi hospital. Samples were taken from the patient's body and sent to Helsinki to determine if the person carries the same disease that ravages China these days.

Laboratory researcher investigator

A Chinese patient under 40 years of age who arrived in Finland a few days ago from Wuhan is suspected of being a carrier of the coronavirus.

This traveler remains isolated at Rovaniemi Hospital in the Lapland region, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL, in its Finnish acronym) reported today.

According to Finnish media, the patient was referred to the hospital from Ivalo health center, where this person went with symptoms of a respiratory infection.

The patient's samples have been sent to the THL laboratory in Helsinki, to determine if the person is a carrier of the disease. The test results will be probably known on Wednesday evening.

“If the criteria of the Wuhan coronavirus case are met, the samples will be examined by HUSLAB. Any positive findings will be confirmed in the THL laboratory, ”says Carita Savolainen-Kopra , THL's leading expert .

Third suspected case in Lapland

This is the third suspected case of coronavirus detected in Lapland in less than a week.

Last Friday, two Chinese tourists, a father and son also from Wuhan were quarantined after visiting a medical center in Ivalo, where they asked for help against flu-like symptoms.

In the end, it was a false alarm: the tests carried out in Helsinki confirmed that the patients did not carry the dreaded disease.

New possible case of coronavirus in Lapland