Saturday 12/4/21

New peak in Covid-19 death toll in Russia

There are currently no major anti-coronavirus restrictions in the country
HANDOUT - 29 September 2021, Russia, Sochi: Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Not Pictured) at the Bocharov Ruchei residence in Sochi. Photo: -/Kremlin/dpa - ATTENTION: editorial use only and only if the credit mentioned above is referenced in full
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Sochi. Photo: Kremlin/dpa.

The coronavirus situation in Russia is worsening, as the authorities on Sunday reported another record high since the beginning of the pandemic a year and a half ago, with 890 deaths within 24 hours.

For days now, the statistics have been showing virus-related deaths beyond the 800 mark. The Kremlin recently called the figures worrying.

According to official coronavirus statistics, a total of almost 210,000 patients have died as a result of the virus. However, it is assumed that the number of unreported cases is high.

Recently, the number of new infections has also risen, on Sunday to 25,700 new cases within one day.

According to official figures, only 50 million people have received at least the first of usually two necessary vaccinations against Covid-19, which is 34 per cent of the 146 million people who live in Russia.

There are currently no major anti-coronavirus restrictions in the country.