Tuesday. 28.05.2024

France has achieved a daily high with 20,339 new coronavirus infections within 24 hours, the authorities announced on Friday evening, while 62 new deaths were counted.

The tally overtakes the previous high of 18,746 cases reported on Wednesday.

The coronavirus situation in France has become very tense, with Health Minister Olivier Veran recently warning that the situation in the country was deteriorating.

The highest coronavirus warning level has been declared for four new cities: Lyon, Lille, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne. It is already in place for Paris, Marseille and the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe.

The classification comes with numerous restrictions, such as the closure of bars and eateries which are not allowed to sell food for two weeks initially.

Avoid new lockdown

The government emphasizes again and again that it wants to avoid a new national lockdown, as they had in the spring, and is instead relying on regional measures.

There is also concern about the situation in Paris' hospitals, where the proportion of Covid-19 patients in intensive care units is increasing. A corresponding emergency plan has been activated.

So far, more than 32,600 people have died in France in the pandemic.

In many cities in France, masks are also required in the open air.

More than 20,000 new coronavirus infections in France within 24 hours