Monday. 02.10.2023

Switzerland on Friday lifted its last remaining nationwide Covid-19 restrictions, meaning that masks are no longer required on public transport and in health facilities.

The Swiss Covid-19 app for contact tracing has also been deactivated.

People who are infected with the coronavirus no longer have to self-isolate. However, the authorities are calling on people to stay at home if they have symptoms.

The government justified the steps this week saying there is a high level of immunity in the population and a stable situation in hospital intensive care units.

The seven-day incidence is less than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in half of the country's 26 cantons.

Covid passport not required

Most Covid-19 restrictions had already been lifted in mid-February.

Since then, proof of vaccination and masks have no longer been required in shops, restaurants and cultural institutions.

But the government wants to maintain "increased vigilance and responsiveness" until the spring of 2023: Existing structures for tests, vaccinations and infection tracking can be activated quickly if necessary.

In addition, the cantons can independently prescribe stricter measures.

Last Covid-19 restrictions lifted in Switzerland