Thursday. 30.11.2023

Significantly fewer Covid-19 health regulations apply in Finland as of Monday, including a ban on karaoke singing.

Now, restaurants and pubs can sell alcohol until 11 pm. Furthermore, a prohibition on dancing and singing has been lifted, Yle broadcaster reported, permitting Finns to return to highly popular karaoke bars.

Various measures have also been lifted pertaining to culture, sport and large events.

Finland's easing does not go quite as far as other Scandinavian countries where many measures have also been dropped.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway have lifted almost all pandemic-related measures.

In early March

Finland is planning to ease all of its restrictions by the beginning of March if case numbers permit.

This change would let pubs and discos to stay open until the early morning, which has not been possible since last autumn.

Karaoke makes a comeback in Finland as Covid-19 rules relaxed