Sunday. 27.11.2022

Jari Litmanen and his family recovering from coronavirus

Litmanen said during the coronavirus he had been in a poor physical condition.
Jari Litmanen
Photo: Jari Litmanen / screem shoot from YouTube video

Finland’s ex-football star Jari Litmanen and his family are recovering from coronavirus. He said they have been ill for four weeks.

49 years old ex-football player talked to his King’s Speech podcast according to Unibet’s press release.

Litmanen said, “there was a fever, headache, muscle aches, shortness of breath and everything possible. It took four weeks and since then a couple of weeks of recovery from coronavirus.”

According to him, his wife Ly first got Covid-19 and then in a week he showed the symptoms. The couple, who live in Estonia, were tested and the result was positive.

Litmanen pointed out that the pains or shortness of breath were never so severe. He did not need to go to the hospital. But still, he said “these were not any easy weeks.”

Jari Litmanen also said he has never been in such a poor physical condition as during coronavirus. He and his family are well now and recovering from the virus.

Litmanen described the recovery time and said, “Recovery means resting as well as light walking and cycling to regain strength. But there is no need for a very long distance or keep the tempo to start cough.

Effects on football

In his podcast, Litmanen also talked about the effects of the coronavirus on football.

“From the player's point of view, the most difficult thing is uncertainty about the future. Now we are already in late spring. A long season that is physically and now especially mentally difficult. That’s why the federations have to make decisions about the coronavirus. Either decide to continue the games or cancel the season.”

Jari Litmanen and his family recovering from coronavirus