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Links to obtain the Covid passport in Spain, region by region

Find in this article the relevant links to download the health passport through the state Ministry of Health or from the electronic services of your autonomous community
16 November 2021, Austria, Voesendorf: A policeman checks the covid passport of a citizen amid lockdown imposed by the authorities on unvaccinated people. Photo: Hans Punz/APA/dpa.
A policeman checks the Covid passport of a citizen amid lockdown imposed by the authorities on unvaccinated people in Austria. Photo: Hans Punz/dpa.

The Covid-19 virus is still present in our lives, and it seems that it has come to stay with us for a long time.

In Spain the number of infections has increased this fall and the discovery of the South African variant Omicron has once again triggered the alarms and has prompted the authorities to announce new restrictions before the Christmas holidays.

The governments of several Spanish regions (comunidades autonomas, autonomous communities) have already imposed the use of the European digital vaccination certificate, also dubbed 'Covid passport' or 'health passport', to enter restaurants and entertainment venues.

This document, agreed by the European Union member states and in force since July 1, is also essential to travel within the bloc. It can be obtained free of charge and it is valid for 12 months starting from the day when the last vaccine dose was administered.

But, how do you get the Covid passport in Spain? At first this may seem like a mess due to the complicated administrative organization of the country, which attributes Health responsibilities to the regions. However, there is a way to download the Covid passport that is common to all autonomous regions, and is accessed through the website of the Ministry of Health.

Download your certificate

To start, you must first access the ministry's website and click on 'Solicite su certificado COVID Digital de la UE' (Request your EU Digital COVID certificate).

You can securely access the official website to download the health passport by clicking HERE

Then, you have to click on 'Empezar' (Start).

For example, they will ask you if you have already passed the Covid-19 disease or if you have been vaccinated in a Spanish vaccination center or through an international vaccination center in an embassy or consulate.

If you have done it through the Spanish public health system, they will ask you the region where you were vaccinated. Then, the system will let you in most cases choose whether you want to request the vaccination certificate from the regional authorities or continue doing it through the electronic means of the Ministry of Health.

If you decide to obtain the document through the Ministry of Health, you can request it using the digital Certificate or the permanent Cl@ve system to identify yourself. If you prefer to request it from the authorities of your region, below you will find the necessary information and links.

How to apply in each region

-Andalusia: To apply for the Covid passport in Andalusia you must access the Andalusian Health Service through the web platform or the ClicSalud+ app. The certificate can be obtained after identification with personal data and mobile verification or with the digital certificate, the electronic ID (DNI) or the Cl@ve system credentials.

-Aragon: In Aragon it is possible to obtain the certificate through the website 'Salud Informa'. The Health Folder can be accessed with the personal health card number and the PIN, but also with a digital certificate, electronic ID, the Cl@ve system credentials or the 'PIN salud'.

-Asturias: From AsturSalud it is possible to request the Covid Digital Certificate by filling in a form.

-Balearic Islands: In the Balearic archipelago it is possible to download the Covid passport with the website of the Consellería (regional health department) accessed with the Cl@ve system.

-Basque Country: In the Basque Country it is possible to obtain the EU Digital Covid Certificate both digitally, through the website of the Basque Health Department.

-Canary Islands: In the Canary Islands, it can be requested through the website of the Canary Health Service, by clicking in the section 'miHistoria'. The system can be accessed with digital certificate, Cl@ve credentials or with the digital identification of the Canary Health Service.

-Cantabria: Cantabria also has a section on its health service website to download the health passport. It is possible to access with personal data or through the Cl@ve system.

-Castilla y León: Residents in Castilla y León can request their certificates through the websites Sacyl Conecta or Carpeta del Paciente.

-Castilla-La Mancha: In Castilla-La Mancha you can download the Covid passport with the CIP number and the DNI or NIE.

-Catalonia: Residents in Catalonia can download their Covid passports from the website La meva Salut.

-Extremadura: In Extremadura Salud you can also obtain the vaccination certificate. Users must access the system with a digital certificate or ID or Cl@ve system and click on the option Certificado Covid Digital UE (EU COVID Digital Certificate), found in the menu 'Mi historial clinico' (My clinical history), in the right side of the monitor.

-Galicia: Galician residents can obtain the Covid passport through the app.

-La Rioja: Through the Rioja Salud website it is possible to obtain the document by identifying yourself with personal data, with a digital certificate or electronic DNI.

-Madrid: Residents in Madrid can obtain the document by accessing the website of the regional Health Department with the electronic DNI or digital certificate of Cl@ve system. The certificate can also be obtained digitally through the mobile health application.

-Murcia: The Electronic Office of the Region of Murcia also offers users a section through which to download the certificate.

-Navarra: In Navarra it is possible to download the Covid passport through the 'Carpeta Personal de Salud' (Personal Health Folder) from the Salud Navarra portal.

-Valencian Community: It is possible to request the document through the Generalitat Valenciana page with the health card (SIP) number, the date of birth and the date of issuance of the SIP card.

-Ceuta and Melilla: In both North African Spanish autonomous cities it is possible to download the vaccination certificate through the electronic services of Ceuta and Melilla.

Links to obtain the Covid passport in Spain, region by region