Tuesday. 20.02.2024

If you have any doubts or questions about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) or need advice on how to act because you think you have contracted the disease, you can call the new information number established by the city of Helsinki.

On Monday 2 March, Helsinki launched a hotline service intended for people concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.

The city of Helsinki informed in its website that the service was intended for residents who suspect that they have been exposed to the virus or who suffer symptoms which indicate that they may be infected. People can call also if they are concerned about the exposure or symptoms of a loved one.

Although the service was -in principle- established to advise Helsinki residents, shortly after being activated, it began receiving calls from all over Finland. So far, all calls are answered and answered, no matter where they come from.

The number

The telephone number of the new advice service is 09 310 10024. The service provides assistance Monday to Friday 7–20.

“We want to offer the residents of Helsinki a quick and easy way to ask questions and be informed, if they feel anxious about issues related to the corona virus. At the same time we hope that this service will help take some of the burden off the other contact channels for health care services,” Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen says.

“Generally speaking, the residents of Helsinki do not need to be concerned about the corona virus at present. In terms of a possible corona virus outbreak, the situation in Helsinki is currently safe,” Lukkarinen continues.

Residents of Helsinki can turn to the Medical Helpline in matters concerning coronavirus infections in the evenings after 20 and on the weekends, tel. 116 117.

Below, you can read a list of frequently asked questions about the coronavirus outbreak and the authorities' response, according to the city of Helsinki website.

FAQ about coronavirus

-Will those placed under quarantine be tested?
They will be tested if symptoms appear. Testing persons without symptoms does not give reliable results.

-What actions are taken if there will be further exposed?
-If there will be further exposed in Helsinki, the actions and nursing capacity will be increased.

-Will Helsinki be prepared if there will be further persons exposed?
-Helsinki has the capacity to react accordingly to the situation.

-Why are the family members not placed under quarantine?
-The family members are not placed under quarantine because they have not been in near contact with the infected, contrary to the person placed under quarantine. Family members to a person without symptoms but placed under quarantine, cannot expose others. There is a time lag from the moment a person has been infected to the moment he or she can infect other people. Therefore, a family member to a person without symptoms but placed under quarantine, does not have to restrict his life. If a person exposed gets symptoms, he will be tested. According to tests the quarantine will be extended, if necessary. Before that, family members will not infect others.

-How will children under quarantine have their school lessons?
-If a child is under quarantine, he or she will get their homework via Wilma.

Helsinki launches a hotline to advise on the coronavirus