Thursday 10/28/21

Government should take further measures, say readers will ask a different question about Finland and Finnish lifestyle every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreignerfi


Coronavirus cases increase every hour and every country takes measures against coronavirus. However, these decisions still do not stop the virus.

The Finnish Government took some measures, too but not as many as in other countries. Therefore, asked the readers in a Twitter poll, "Do you think the measures taken by the Finnish Government are sufficient to prevent the coronavirus spread?"

In the poll, respondents were given four options, which were 'Yes', 'No, a travel ban needed', 'No, send workers home’ and 'No, a curfew is needed'.

The mini poll was answered by 73 readers and 74% of the readers demand extra measures. 38.4% voted 'No, a travel ban needed'; 19.2 % voted 'No, a curfew is needed' and 16.4% said 'No, send workers home’. Only 24% of the readers voted 'Yes'. is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account