Sunday. 04.12.2022

First patient in intensive care for coronavirus in Finland

A retired person is being treated in the intensive care unit at Helsinki-Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS).


Finland already has its first intensive care patient caused by coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) infection.

As reported by the sanitary authorities of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Hospital District on Monday, this is a person of retirement age who had previously been in ward care.

According to Ville Pettilä, HUS chief physician, the health authorities are prepared for the moment when Finnish patients need intensive care. "We are HUS are prepared," he said.

HUS explained in its latest release that the new virus Covid-19 can cause sudden respiratory distress syndrome in a small proportion of patients, with inflammatory cells and fluid retaining in the lungs due to inflammation.

In this case, the lung capacity to perform its role is reduced and the person may need intensive care to support his breathing system.

On average, 70-75 % of HUS intensive care centers are constantly in use.

According to Pettilä, HUS professionals are ready to increase their intensive care capacity, for example by transforming other sites into additional intensive care units.

First patient in intensive care for coronavirus in Finland