Friday. 23.02.2024

Finnish flag air carrier Finnair has announced the cancellation of 179 European flights during the week from March 20 to 28.

The company explained that the reason for the cancellations is the decrease in the number of clients due to the coronavirus epidemic (Koronavirus, as spelled in Finnish).

Finnair announced the cancellations on Friday. This week, the company also announced cancellations of flights to Milan, Seoul, Busan, Hong Kong and Osaka, among other destinations.

"Due to the high volume of reservation changes and the overall impacts of the coronavirus situation on bookings in March, we are cancelling several European flights between 20-28 March, as on these flights the number of customers is low" the company said in its website.

Full refund allowed

Finnair allowed customers to postpone their travel until 30 June 2020. People also can apply for full refund for their unused flight ticket.

However, these options don't apply to Finnair Holidays, Aurinkomatkat (Suntours) and other tour operators' customers. If the customers reservations are a group reservation, they should contact their travel agency.

Finnair postponed the opening of its new route to Busan (South Korea), daily flights to Seoul will be canceled from 9 March to 16 April and flights to Mainland China (Guangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing Capital, Beijing Daxing, Shanghai, Xi´an) will be canceled until 30 April.

The Government of Finland also has changed its travel recommendations related to the evolution of the novel coronavirus epidemic that affects the entire world.

Coronavirus: Finnair cancels 179 European flights in March