Friday. 23.02.2024

The Finnish government approved its strategy to vaccinate the population against Covid-19 at its evening meeting on Wednesday 2 December.

The vaccination strategy has been prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health based on evidence and medical grounds, and experts have been consulted during its preparation, the government explained in a press release.

The strategy establishes the fundamental principles to decide the vaccination order of the different population groups.

The objective, according to the government statement, is "to protect the entire population when a licensed vaccine is available."

The vaccines will be offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to be vaccinated. The ministry estimates that the first vaccines will be available in the country "early next year."

Risk groups

However, not everyone will have access to the vaccine immediately. As in most European countries, the government has decided to prioritize the vaccination of certain population groups, such as health workers and risk groups.

Initially, the vaccine will be supplied to social and health care staff who care for coronavirus patients and staff in nursing homes. Then, priority will be given to the vaccination of the elderly and of people who suffer from previous pathologies that predispose them to severely suffer from the coronavirus disease.

Finland will offer free Covid-19 vaccination to all residents