Thursday. 09.02.2023

Finland's coronavirus reproduction rate increased

Government describes the overall situation regarding the epidemic as "stable".
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The basic reproduction number of Covid-19 increased during the last 7 days compared to the previous weeks. However, it remains still low and the government describes the overall situation regarding the epidemic as "stable."

The latest infection figures back the idea that, besides the gradual reopening of the Finnish economy, the epidemic may not be worsening. The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) reported Thursday only 5 new cases, bringing the total registered infections to 7,241. No fatalities occurred in the past 24 hours. So far, the novel coronavirus has claimed 328 lives in the country.

But fewer infections are compatible with some negative signs.

According to the assessment published on 2 July by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, now the estimated basic reproduction number of Covid-19 is 0.65-0.90. This value indicates how much the virus is spreading. A reproduction rate lower than 1 means that currently each person with the disease infects an average of less than one person. 

Government stressed that any value lower than 1 "means that the epidemic is shrinking." However, it should be noted that a week ago the number of infections for each case was lower, between 0.40–0.75.

Most cases in Helsinki-Uusimaa

During the last period (22–28 June), no new cases were reported in 14 hospital districts. Most of the new cases were reported in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.  

A total of 24 people are currently receiving inpatient care in hospitals. At the moment, there are no patients with COVID-19 in intensive care units.

"The situation remains stable in Finland. The number of cases reported weekly to the communicable diseases register has remained low and there has not been much fluctuation in the number of cases when compared to the previous two weeks," the Ministry says in its assessment.

According to health authorities, the aim for Finland is still to test all cases where the acute phase of the coronavirus infection is suspected. "It is therefore extremely important that the threshold for people to have themselves tested is kept very low."

Finland's coronavirus reproduction rate increased