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Finland reports almost 300 cases of Covid-19 in one day

Three patients died of coronavirus this month at the Tilkka care center, one of Helsinki's largest nursing homes. Authorities blamed "bad luck."

20 October 2020, Czech Republic, Nachod: A medic attends to a patient suffering from complications due to COVID-19, at the coronavirus ward of the Nachod Hospital. Photo: David Taneèek/dpa.
A medic attends to a patient suffering from COVID-19 at the coronavirus ward of the Nachod Hospital, in Czech Republic. Photo: David Taneèek/dpa.

Finland on Tuesday reported an unusually high number of Covid-19 cases detected in the past 24 hours.

According to the numbers released by the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), the health authorities from the different regions reported a total of 294 new Covid-19 infections to the communicable disease registry.

To date, the total number of diagnosed infections in Finland stands at 13,849. So far, the total number of deaths is 351. More than half of these deaths have occurred in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region, which is the epicenter of the epidemic.

3 dead at Tilkka care center

Precisely on Tuesday the Finnish broadcasting company (Yle) reported that since the beginning of the month three patients have died of diseases related to the Covid-19 at the Tilkka care center, one of the largest nursing homes in the Helsinki region. A total of 5 cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed at the privately managed facility.

In talks with Yle, the Helsinki authorities denied negligence and blamed "bad luck" for the deaths.

Incidence of new cases

For the whole country, the number of people hospitalized due to the Covid-19 disease is 62. Of these, 7 are admitted to intensive care units.

The total incidence of new cases in relation to the population is increasing. Now it is 51.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the whole country.

However, there are large variations in the infection rate. For example in the Helsinki area - the epicenter and worst hit region - the incidence is 84.3 per 100,000 residents, while in the Kainuu region it is 0 per 100,000, THL says.

Finnish laboratories have carried out more than 1,328,100 tests. An estimated 9,100 people have recovered from the disease, representing about 70% of reported cases.

Finland reports almost 300 cases of Covid-19 in one day