Tuesday. 05.12.2023

The number of people infected by Covid-19 and deaths associated with the disease continue to fall in Finland as vaccination progresses, although the drop is not as rapid as the authorities are trying to transmit.

On Monday 26 April, Finnish health authorities reported 593 new coronavirus infections and 3 more deaths occurred over the past 72 hours.

The number of cases found over the weekend is lower than that reported last Monday (654 infections, 4 deaths), but it seems that the decline is slowing.

The Åland Hospital district (112.7) and Helsinki-Uusimaa (111.6) are once again the regions with the highest incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, having given first place to East Savo last week.

The incidence for the entire country is at the time of writing this article 65.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, according to figures from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

New variants

To date, Finland has registered 85,937 cases of coronavirus. Of these, 4,716 correspond to the new variants of the virus, the majority being the British (4,022 cases), followed by the South African variants (693) and the Brazilian (1).

At the time of writing this article, the number of people in hospital care was 136 nationwide. Of them, 33 were admitted to intensive care wards.

So far, the country of 5.5 million inhabitants has registered 906 deaths caused by or associated with the Covid-19 disease since the global pandemic began.

Finland recorded 593 infections and 3 deaths in the last 72 hours