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The incidence of Covid-19 in Finland almost halved in the last month

The number of new coronavirus cases is clearly declining across the country, according to Finnish health authorities.
Customers enjoying a bar terrace in Järvenpää. Photo:
Customers enjoying a bar terrace in Järvenpää. Photo:

The number and the incidence of new Covid-19 cases is decreasing in Finland, with most areas recording only a small number of new infections.

The incidence of the disease is still higher in some southern areas, but the epidemic has also continued to slow down in densely populated areas.

According to the latest monitoring report on the epidemic published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, between 31 May and 6 June, a total of 716 new cases were reported to the communicable diseases register, which is nearly 200 cases fewer than in the preceding week when the figure was 888. 

The incidence rate has almost halved within the last month. In the last two-week period (24 May–6 June), the incidence of new cases was 28 per 100,000 inhabitants, while in the preceding two-week period (3–16 May), it was 49.

The epidemic is at a stable level in most regions.

On Wednesday 9 June, the areas in the community transmission phase were the Hospital Districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Päijät-Häme and Kanta-Häme and there were just two areas in the acceleration phase, the Hospital Districts of Central Ostrobothnia and Southwest Finland (Turku and surroundings).

Further infections prevented

The percentage of cases where the virus was contracted abroad has grown. Between 31 May and 6 June, they accounted for 16% of all new cases and, in the preceding week, for 7.5% of all new cases. "However, further infections resulting from them have been prevented well. These infections accounted for 1.5 per cent of all cases," the Ministry says.

According to the hospital districts, a total of 58 people were receiving hospital care due to the Covid-19 disease on 9 June 2021. There were 12 inpatients in primary healthcare, 39 inpatients in specialised healthcare and 7 inpatients in intensive care.

The numbers of patients have been continually falling within the last month, and the number of new periods in specialised healthcare is expected to continue falling over the next week.

On 9 June 2021, the total number of deaths related to the disease was 964.  

In Finland, about 48% of the population have received their first vaccine dose and 12% their second dose.

The incidence of Covid-19 in Finland almost halved in the last month