Sunday. 24.09.2023

Far-reaching changes will come into force in Italy on Friday with the end of the country's Covid-19-related state of emergency.

From April 1 hotel guests will no longer have to show proof of their vaccination status as Italy's so-called Green Pass is done away with.

The document, which shows if a person has tested negative for, been vaccinated against or recovered from the coronavirus, will also no longer be necessary for al fresco bar and restaurant visits, nor will it be required to enter shops.

Proof of status will from now on only be required if sitting inside at restaurants, though masks will continue to be reqiored in all indoor spaces.

Museums and exhibitions will also no longer require proof of status from April, while a green pass will still be required to visit the theatre, cinema or attend concerts at indoor venues.

Rising case numbers

The pandemic hit Italy hard, which led to politicians remaining cautious about reopening too hastily.

However, some experts now fear rising coronavirus case numbers will be the inevitable consequence of Italy's lifting the majority of restrictions.

On Thursday, authorities recorded around 73,200 new infections and nearly 160 deaths from the virus within the previous 24 hours. The trend of the past weeks indicates a slight increase in the infection curve.

Arrivederci Green Pass: Italy ends Covid-19 state of emergency